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  1. no and she won't die because she is to much of a main character for her to die now...though they could make her die when she is having the baby. Any gender predictions on the baby?
  2. yeah goooo for the bad boys!
  3. [sobs hysterically] this was a good episode too. though sawyer went kinda crazy...ehem. lol. but some Sahid and Shannon action happened, it was sudden, but it was cute
  4. ...silence... ::is no one watching Lost anymore? ...silence...
  5. i dont understand why the ppl on the island (jack, kate, locke, sahid, etc.) are so daft. i mean sahid found out that crazy danielle is missing her son and went crazy writing that children's cartoon tune on the maps, then it just so happens that the only pregnant one on the island is abducted and then attempt to re-grab her. i wonder what they want?? sorry. i am becoming rather bitter.
  6. i hate to say it, but i think they are drawing this out way to much about not telling us bout the strange animals and crazy underground layer of Danielle. pfffft.
  7. "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball" -dodgeball "It's a simple question of weight ratios: a 5 ounce bird cannot carry a 1 pound coconut!" -monty python and the holy grail "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries! now go away or i shall taunt you a second time!" -monty python and the holy grail "are you suggesting coconuts migrate?" -monty python and the holy grail
  8. "oooh"s is the thing which must not be named hahaha, forgive to much "The Village" lately ::
  9. lucylooloo


    i think you all know of my Lost-addiction and this show which i love also, that i watched at Sunday last yr is now conveniently placed on Wednesday right after lost. I just love this show--any others?
  10. great episode as always. glad we see walt and michael's side. weird about the comic book polar bear and then the polar bear...the bird book then a bird...and everyone saying "walt's...special..." "walt's....different..." creepy. and as always, locke helping people with their anonymous problems
  11. [is so excited is about to wee pants] i just saw this movie yesterday and i have been wanting to see it for a while but we never did go see it or rent it because my sister never wanted to see it but FINALLY i got to see it and i just LOVE IT! i can't wait to purchase it. oooh yes [is smiling dumbly] it was beautiful.
  12. and whats with Locke giving Sahid a crapped up compas?? trying to lead him away from his findings...
  13. latest night episode then...hmmm...was very "Cruel Intentions" to me. hahaha. Boone is great, but eww on the getting some with his sister. Shannon just gets on my nerves she always so ungrateful and such and such but i like her with Sahid--they are cute. :: Harley and the Jin where hilarous, and when is Harley not?? Locke is...hmmm...he is always trying to help the people without knowing their exact problems like he did with Charlie and he tried to do with Boone. craziness. HEYYYY my life does not revolve around sawyer....all the time...haha
  14. oooh yeaaa!!! thats the way peaches!
  15. i am dying for ND, i havent seen the movie and every commerical that comes on just kills me. so much ND...[sobs]
  16. you should see the awesome Napolean shirst they have!! they're awesome!! "girls like guys with skills" hahahaha
  17. AYE! [waves hands frantically] Fan over here
  18. GIT-R-DUN"! lol loads of ppl i know say that. i say "you know" without realizing it sometimes. horrible habbit. AND! now since i watched "The Best of Will Ferrell" i now love to say "GOOOLEY!!" hahaha its hilarous. good times eh?
  19. hahahaha, muzik you rock my socks
  20. :laughing:imagine that....great and good...grood...the best of both worlds....Home Star Runner anyone?
  21. Is there something you say a lot without really realizing it? I do, i have quite a few like "pyschoooo", "sorry....", "you know??", "eh???", and "that's all i have to say" hahaha
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