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  1. hello...im back... :] first things first Anna Lucia : grrr no likey her Sun & Jin: my new favorites of the show Jack & Katte : still dont like them Anna Lucia & Sawyer : i had hopes for them but she's...pfft Shannon : really sad. has anyone watched invasion at all?
  2. egggh freckles = kate me = not like kate. i didnt like how last episode repeated a lot of the same stuff the opening episode had. there episodes do thigns sooo s l o w . gaarrh. i think it has become that i favor sun and jin. and charlie. bye sawyer. :[
  3. school. school work. and work. lol.
  4. hahha i think i got you guys sucked into a lost cult :] :]
  5. ok this picture is HUGE. but i like it. becayse my hair looks ON FIRRRE. yes FIRE. click itttt wait. i just looked at the picture. not so huge, so ok. hahah. :]
  6. i love allamerianrejects. i love their cd movealong. interesting song...not sure about your question though. im having trouble finding some lyrics to it. sorry. :[
  7. gaaah. i wore my greenday top to support the concert, since i cant go because i have to work. but this friend of mine is going. claims she is their biggest fan. BAAH. she doesnt even have a greenday shirt. and she doesnt own their cd. OR know any other songs of theirs except for the ones that come on the radio...some biggest fan. blah. i guess im just jealous
  8. so... how exactly do you become a moderator?? ...of songfacts? do you get "promoted" if you've been her for so long, or are you actually paid to be it, or are you only mods for cerntain areas... hows it work?
  9. its near.... so near... i cannot believe we waited this long... :] :]
  10. hhahaha. :] i thought it looked cool. ::
  11. i have one. its really interesting and some of the photographs people put on there are amazing. beautimous art there too. deviantart && mine is, lucylooloo2u.deviantart.com
  12. does anyone here have a deviantart account??
  13. be my escape was my favorite song of theirs but now everyone loves it so now...it'd be "which to bury, us or the hatchet"
  14. thats right. we're the RAMS. they are the SHEEP. :]
  15. thankyou, but seriously, its the green that makes it look good. :] haha. AND. i am nearly seventeen...but so young to those of songfacts :[ :[
  16. gaah. have finally decided to post my photograph for. you. clearly, im insane but i dont really care. only one i could find.
  17. the music video is Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects, isnt it??
  18. grrr. i have liked relientk for years now. and NOW FINALLY they are given recognition on the telli and radio for "be my escape" about time. but, all my friends are tired of hearing me say, "i loved this before everyone else did" gaah.
  19. they are going to be in OKC on the 17th.
  20. i love this song. its DIRTY LITTLE SECRET by All American Rejects. the cd came out yesterday i think. but i love it. && its lovely. so anyone have any information on it?? :]
  21. my shows are! Lost. Gilmore Girls. Cold Case. South Park. Stella. <3 King of the Hill. and to the Sex and the City talk i don't really think that any of those girls are pretty except for Charlotte, but i do watch the show on occasion.
  22. now relientk is on the warpedtour. i wish i could have tickets to that
  23. what are the tv shows that you love watching? and never miss an episode??
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