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  1. Yesterday I went to an awesome concert. The bands? Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Billy Idol, Garbage, Social Distortion, The New York Dolls, Interpol, Louis XIV, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Bravery, They Might Be Giants, Sum 41, Unwritten Law, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Citizen Cope, and the Stereophonics; plus a few local bands. And Good Charlotte, but they don't count.
  2. Well, I haven't cried to them, but seven (I can't think of ten) that really "get to me" are... Crown of Thorns by Social Distortion Angel's Wings by Social Distortion Ball and Chain by Social Distortion Instead Laugh by Onesidezero The Nobodies by Marilyn Manson Coma White by Marilyn Manson Coma Black by Marilyn Manson Odd...There are only three bands there...
  3. Enter Sandman Unforgiven Seven Nation Army Slash's Godfather theme Some things I made up... And the one EVERYONE should know... The intro to Red vs. Blue!
  4. I once knew a sweet little girl named Bess, Filled with emotions she could not express. The words she wrote were just broken and vague, Beautiful thoughts became innermost plague. Those lovely visions that danced through her head Like secret languages that couldn't be read. Try as she might, the words would not come out; She bound herself tight with chains of self-doubt. No one knew what she held on the inside, But how could they, when the words only lied? Inside, like spiritual homicide It ripped out the spark, the light in her eyes. She languished always, sunk in depression, Writhing in the throes of inexpression. No outlet, she made one with a bullet; No more of this world, it just wasn't worth it. In earthy solace of six feet under She could tear her mental walls asunder. This world held for her all pain and no gain, The poet's pen was not hers to attain. Unfairly dealt, cards of creative joy. Dealt a mute muse, her's to use or destroy. Soul was full, but she could never trace it. Open mind, but mouth stitched shut, well now it's wasted.
  5. Crown of Thorns by Social Distortion. That one gets me feeling better every time, I love that song so much. I'll listen to it over and over. :guitar:
  6. Yup. http://onesidezero.com
  7. What the hell? "I Love Rock n' Roll"? She wouldn't know what Rock n' Roll was if Chuck Berry came and hit her over the head with a guitar!
  8. (I wish there was a smiley for a vacuous, glazed sorta look...) ....Yoko?
  9. Yeah, I totally sympathize. I mean, three million dollars an album just doesn't go as far as it used to, huh? [/sarcasm]
  10. Anyone heard o' these guys? They are one of my favorite bands...Great vocals, amazing guitar... If you haven't heard them and want to, gimmie your email and I'll send you a song.
  11. Yes he did...Some people think he didn't because he couldn't have shot himself with a full sized shotgun, but thats exactly what he did do. Just like Ernest Hemmingway and others. He pulled the trigger with his big toe. Unless there is some other arguement I'm not aware of... I think the most overrated band right now is definetely U2. By far. I don't know about ever...U2 again?
  12. I say Sabbath did...Others like Zepplien or Deep Purple had certain elements, but they did not create the genre. Black Sabbath was the first band to have it all.
  13. I heard a concert clip of Marilyn Manson doing a cover of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears. I kid you not. He was probably just joking around , but still....
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