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  1. See, you have to know how to decipher those personal ads. "Enjoys long walks" means they don't have a car. "Enjoys candlelit dinners" means their electricity is cut off. "Looking for someone who knows how to treat me right" means they want someone to more or less do what they say without argument. "In search of professional man/woman" means they want someone with money to support them. "Enjoys the finer things in life" $$$$ Anyway....carry on.
  2. I never knew she existed until Sunday morning. I told my wife, "Hon, apparently, this Jessica Simpson has a sister"
  3. Well, well, well. Look who's returned to the scene of the crime. do you see the mess you've made? Six pages! Actually, this was a fun thread.
  4. I understand "American Pie" has a lot of historical references, even though Don McLean has never actually sat down and clarified what exactly he's singing about. It's a wonderful song, that's been open to interpretation for probably 30 years. I have my own ideas, though. For instance: And there we were all in one place, A generation lost in space. I take this to mean the entire world watching as Apollo XIII was trying to get back home after their disaster. I vaguely remember this as a child. Anyway, that's how I interpret those particular lyrics. That's what's so enticing about the song. It's open for discussion. Plus, for young ones, it may get them into history through music. 'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald' by Gordon Lightfoot is also a great song, about factual events. it's all right there in the song. the people, the peril, the geography, etc. A beautifully haunting ballad. Sorry, I just realized you were looking for something else.....sorry. But they're good songs, anyway.
  5. Oh, don't get me wrong, Gis. Rose Royce's version is still tops. It's also a great movie, with a great soundtrack.
  6. Sterben die Bananen? Ist jenes Recht?
  7. How about "Keen", or "Boss". I use those all the time. If I'm feeling particularly jaunty, I'll use "Keen, jelly bean" So I'm not cool. My kids think I'm Superman, so that's all that counts. ::
  8. That list is bogus. Everyone knows the best one hit wonder of all time is "Go All The Way" by The Raspberries. Geez....
  9. Before signing with Warner Bros. Records,Alice Cooper's albums 'Pretties For You', 'Easy Action', and 'Dada', were all released in the late sixties on Straight Records, owned by none other than Frank Zappa.
  10. einen grosse pomme frittes einen hamburger royale mit casse einen duken visen, bitte. I know those probably aren't spelled correctly.It's been 19 years since I was in Germany. I was stationed in a little hamlet called Amberg. The post was up the hill from town. The town itself was actually at one point, some sort of fortress. It's completely surrounded by a huge wall, and a moat. The moat has been turned into a park, though. I saw alot of Germany from the back of an M-113 personel carrier. It's beautiful country. I wish I could go back as a civilian and see it for real.
  11. I always thought it sounded more like a heavier Blood Sweat and Tears. I spent my childhood thinking that's who it was. Definately a candidate for best one hit wonder.
  12. You know I'm kidding..don't be so sensitive. Geez.
  13. Rogerwaters90235743, on the other hand, is quite the spazz, will always shoot straight for the gutter, and rarely, if ever, contributes anything worthwhile to the boards. Except he makes me laugh all the time, young pup.
  14. What did bananas ever do to you? Granted, ones that dance are a bit unnerving, but the basic, sit on the counter in the fruitbowl variety...surely you don't harbor hard feelings towards those... Geez, I can't believe this thread has gone on for five pages.
  15. That's funny....did you write that one yourself?
  16. You know, oddly enough, as many times as I listened to this, I don't know all the titles. I had it on 8-track, then album. I don't have it on cd, though, or I'd have listened to it again by now. I thought I did, but when I went to look, there was Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves, and that's all the Rush I own... I remember the band I was is did the entire instrumental, all the was up to "And the meek shall inherit the earth". We never played it in front of anyone, it was our personal jam. Man, it was soooo much fun. Musically, the entire first side of the album isn't very difficult to play. Just straight up rock. Cool stuff. Incidentally, those guys I was in that band with are still playing bars and parties. Eternally 16, I suppose.
  17. I'm just happy there's a thread actually talking about music. Billy Preston played keyboard while touring as a member of Sam Cooke's band in the early 60's.
  18. Chris, KISS rules, my young friend. I'm listening to Dressed to Kill as we speak.
  19. I wanna be a tree banana. Or a banana tree. Doesn't matter.
  20. _jr_


    And I thought Christmas was all about shameless commercialism....
  21. Welcome. They call me Jr. Which works out nicely, since my screen name is Jr.
  22. Oh my. Where to begin. I'll be back, after I give it a listen.
  23. If anything gets a response from Ken, that will, but not for the reason you think. I'll let Ken tell you why, since this thread is in his honor. By the way, Ken and I are both old school KISS fans. We were there the first time around, soaking up every drop of KISS.
  24. Ok, as if we don't have enough 'Fun and Games" threads, I'm going to fly this one up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes. I was listening to the radio, and "Under Pressure" came on. It gave me the idea for a thread, where you take a song or album that has a collaboration on it. The next person takes one of the two (or more) collaborators, and names that artist and another, and so on. Example: David Bowie and Queen did 'Under Pressure' together. The next person might say 'Stevie Ray Vaughan was a session guitarist on Bowie's 'Let's Dance' album. Etc, Etc, Etc. Sort of a six degrees of seperation thing, OK? This one may be a little tougher. Rather than just listing the next song alphabetically, you may have to do a little research. Alright, I'll start it: Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey wrote the song 'Take it Easy'
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