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  1. Ah! A fellow Canadian, Sarah McLaughlin! Try this. "More Songs About Buildings and Food". Ken.
  2. Oooh, a tough one. KISS! Who recorded "Bad Music For Bad People"?
  3. I cannot believe I forgot to post this. I had taken this at Kiss' farewell show in Clarkston, Michigan, Pine Knob Music Theatre. Miami, you posted the lyrics to one of my favorite Kiss songs.. Ken.
  4. Sounds like a call for Jimmy! A Pirate Looks At 40 Mother, mother ocean, I have heard you call Wanted to sail upon your waters since I was three feet tall You?ve seen it all, you?ve seen it all Watched the men who rode you switch from sail to steam In your belly you can hold the treasures few have ever seen Most of ?em dreams, most of ?em dreams Yes, I am a pirate, two hundred years too late The cannons don?t thunder, there?s nothin? to plunder I?m an over-forty victim of fate Arriving too late, arriving too late But I?ve done a bit of smugglin?, I?ve run my share of grass Made enough money to buy miami, but I pissed it away so fast Never meant to last, never meant to last I have been drunk now for over two weeks, Passed out and I rallied and I sprung a few leaks But I?ve got stop wishin?, got to go fishin? I?m down to rock bottom again Just a few friends, just a few friends Nice to see all of our friends every year. thank you Friends. Now I go for younger women, lived with several awhile Though I ran ?em away, they?d come back one day And I still could manage a smile Sure takes a while, just takes a while Mother, mother ocean, after all my years I?ve found Occupational hazard being my occupation?s just not around Feel like I?ve drowned, but I won?t wear a frown Feel like I?ve drowned, I?m gonna go check out Peachtree street somewhere downtown
  5. From mtv.com Dimebag Darrell, guitarist for Damageplan and Pantera, was killed during a shooting spree at a Columbus, Ohio, nightclub Wednesday night. He was 38. Darrell, real name Darrell Abbott, was among the five dead in the incident, including the as-yet-unnamed shooter and two fans, Nathan Bray and Erin Halk, according to Columbus Police public information officer Sherry Mercurio. Damageplan had just begun their first song in front of several hundred at Alrosa Villa when the gunman jumped onstage, made a comment about Pantera's breakup, and began firing at close range into Darrell's body, shooting him several times before opening fire on the crowd. Mercurio said an officer in the vicinity heard the call of shots fired shortly after 10 p.m., snuck in the back door of the venue and confronted the gunman onstage. When the officer took the stage, he observed one victim and the gunman holding a hostage by the neck. The officer opened fire on the male suspect, whose name has not been released pending notification of next of kin. Mercurio said the fifth victim's name and those of the two wounded have also not yet been released. Several reports stated that the club had no metal detector, though Mercurio could not confirm that at press time and a club spokesperson could not be reached. If the officer hadn't acted when he did and how he did, we'd probably be looking at more dead, because this guy was actively shooting, said public information officer Sergeant Brent Mull. Following the incident, police took more than 200 patrons onto three city-donated buses to interview them about the shooting. The ones that were inside and witnessed this ran for their lives and were in fear for their lives, Hull said. They are victims too, and we want to take care of them. As news of Dimebag's tragic demise rippled through the metal community, the news was met with shock and sadness. I'm speechless, former Rob Zombie/ Ozzy Osbourne bassist Rob Blasko Nicholson said. This is totally unreal. Dimebag is a f---ing legend and this is total bullsh--. Damageplan also features Dimebag's brother, former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul; singer Patrick Lachman and bassist Bob Zilla. This is insane and this is beyond travesty, Killswitch Engage frontman and former Damageplan tour partner Howard Jones said. This is beyond anything I've ever heard. This shouldn't happen in or outside of the rock and metal community. He will be missed and mourned as a person, as a musician, and as a friend. Wow.
  6. Welcome to Songfacts Biggin! The info here is submitted by folks that participate on these boards. Feel free to share your information! Ken.
  7. jr, I'll go old school. Back when not only were they cool, they were dangerous.
  8. CD is venting because of the mass popularity of Kiss. I can live with that. Causes me no end of amusement when they show backstage photos of Rancid, Soundgarden, Green Day and a squillion other 'punk' bands just ecstatic to be in the company of Kiss. One of the guys at work went on and on and on about Pantera being so much better than Kiss. I brought in a photo of one of the members of Pantera proudly displaying his Ace Frehley tattoo over his heart. I win. But as much as CD tries to irk me, I actually admire the little guy. He posesses the true spirit of punk. Rebellion. The 'in your face' attitude. See, when punk really started to get noticed, I loved it too. Kiss had gone pop-ish and eschewed their early 'crunchy' style. And I HATED (at the time) the mainstream offerings. The "Journey-REO Speedwagon-Yes-Pink Floyd-Rush-(sorry Mike)-Supertramp" stuff that was so mainstream. I found myself listening to the Pistols, Dead Kennedys, Clash, Ramones, etc. But music (any kind of music) is really a snapshot of what is going on at any given time. And then, it was diferent. It was different times. Cyber is supposed to dislike me or my generation as much as I guess I'd dislike his. We live in two different worlds. The Pistols slashed the '70's apart with the screech of "Anarchy In The U.K.". And that song had two different meanings. They were railing about the social ills going on in England at that time. For me, is was a screeching contrast to the above mentioned pop bands. Anger. Bitter anger. Discordant, and at odds. And my parents hated it. But they kinda liked Kiss' "I Was Made For Lovin' You". And I wasn't happy with them liking what I did. I didn't know that at the time, but my music was supposed to be just that. Mine. My generation's music. Not theirs. And dear God, they hated the Pistols. But I didn't. So CD, you rail on. I don't seek, nor want your acceptance. Nor do I accept or seek your's. But I will tell you something. You best be doing something, Junior. Because if Agulera and Spears is the best your generation can offer, your screwed. Oh, and by the way? Kiss ROCKS. Ken.
  9. MT, I think he'd be better than the current Ace impostor. Certainly no worse.... Ken.
  10. No, we had jrownsdega done up like Peter...
  11. I'll take all kinds of heat for this. I have wanted to put this photo here for a while... My son, a couple of years ago, Halloween. The make-up took me an hour and a half to apply. The costume was home-made.. Ken.
  12. Bob Marley "Legend" The Clash "London Calling" Peter Tosh "Captured Live" Sex Pistols "Never Mind the Bollocks" Dead Kennedys "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetabes" UB40 "Labor Of Love" Kiss "Destroyer" John Lee Hooker "The Healer" The Cramps "Look Ma, No Head!"
  13. Thanks Mike! If the book is anything like "Where is Joe Merchant", it'll be a great story... Ken.
  14. Andrea Bocelli "Time To Say Goodbye" Italian / English. Quando sono solo sogno all'orizzonte e mancan le parole si lo so che non c'?luce in una stanza quando manca il sole se non ci sei tu con me, con me. Su le finestre mostra a tutti il mio cuore che hai acceso chiudi dentro me la luce che hai incontrato per strada Time to say goodbye paesi che non ho mai veduto e vissuto con te adesso si li vivro. Con te partiro su navi per mari che io lo so no no non esistono piu It's time to say goodbye. Quando sei lontana sogno all'orizzonte e mancan le parole e io si lo so che sei con me con me tu mia luna tu sei qui con me mio sole tu sei qui con me con me con me con me Time to say goodbye paesi che non ho mai veduto e vissuto con te adesso si li vivro. Con te partiro su navi per mari che io lo so no no non esistono piu con te io li rivivro. Con te partiro su navi per mari che io lo so no no non esistono piu con te io li rivivro. Con te partiro Io con te. Time to Say Goodbye ---------------------- When I'm alone I dream on the horizon and words fail; yes, I know there is no light in a room where the sun is not there if you are not with me. At the windows show everyone my heart which you set alight; enclose within me the light you encountered on the street. Time to say goodbye, to countries I never saw and shared with you, now, yes, I shall experience them, I'll go with you on ships across seas which, I know, no, no, exist no longer; with you I shall experience them. When you are far away I dream on the horizon and words fail, and yes, I know that you are with me; you, my moon, are here with me, my sun, you are here with me. with me, with me, with me, Time to say goodbye, to countries I never saw and shared with you, now, yes, I shall experience them, I'll go with you on ships across seas which, I know, no, no, exist no longer; with you I shall re-experience them. I'll go with you on ships across seas which, I know, no, no, exist no longer; with you I shall re-experience them. I'll go with you, I with you.
  15. When I was a child, I worshipped Elvis. Then he died. Then I worshipped Bon Scott. Then he died. Now I worship Britney. Ken.
  16. Cat Stevens. "Morning Has Broken", "Moonshadow", "Peace Train" Terry Jacks "Seasons In The Sun"
  17. Bobby Bare "Marie Leveau", "The Winner", "Singin' In The Kitchen" Ray Charles "Hit The Road Jack"
  18. XXX, you're one floor below me, you don't even know me, I love you... I am never going to get Tony Orlando out of my head tonight...
  19. I agree, although I don't know what a shiznit is... Never mind the double cd set, toss it all on a disc in MP3 format and get yourself 4 hours worth of boogie...
  20. The Streak. Don't forget The Streak. Ray Stevens. Don't look, Ethyl...
  21. I don't care what anyone thinks of me... Partridge Family "I Think I Love You" Gladys Knight "Midnight Train To Georgia" Leo Sayer "When I Need You" Al Stewart "Year Of The Cat" Alan O'Day "Undercover Angel" Looking Glass "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) Turtles "Happy Together" Merrilee Rush "Angel Of The Morning" Charlie Pride "Kiss An Angel Good Morning", "Your My Jamaica", "Burgers and Fries". This list, rawks... Ken.
  22. Duelling Banjo's. Don't forget Duelling Banjo's.
  23. Bob Welch "Ebony Eyes" Steely Dan "Reelin' in the Years" Atlanta Rhythm Section "So Into You", "Imaginary Lover" (Ahem) Jimmy Buffett "Margaritaville" Exile "Kiss You All Over" Fleetwood Mac - *anything* Seals and Croft "Summer Breeze" Gordon Lightfoot "Rainy Day People", "Cotton Ginny", "Sundown" Joan Baez "Big Yellow Taxi" Brook Benton "Rainy Night In Georgia" Guess Who "American Woman" Robert Palmer "Bad Case of Lovin' You" Eagles "Lyin' Eyes" Gary Wright "Dream Weaver" Robert John "Sad Eyes" Jim Croce "Don't Mess Around With Jim", "Carwash Blues" Billy Paul "Me and Mrs. Jones" Tony Orlando "Knock 3 Times" Neil Diamond "Cracklin' Rosie" and a bazillion others. Lulu "To Sir With Love" (I hear Mikey laughing at me, shaddap Mike) Maria Muldaur "Midnight At the Oasis" Jackie Deshannon "Put A Little Love In Your Heart" Dusty Springfield "Son Of A Preacher Man" Bread "I'd Like To Make It With You" Redbone "Come And Get Your Love" Sorry. This list, rocks. And proves, PROVES that the music of today doesn't stack up to this stuff. Ken.
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