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  1. They are telling us to duck and cover, gonna get steamrolled tonight. I desperately need some sunshine.
  2. Screamin' Jay Hawkins, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Bedrock for theatrical performances.
  3. Who would have thought G.G. Allin (God Rest His Soul) would have turned out a song like this, then have Evan Dando and the Lemonheads record it? Layin' Up With Linda
  4. No "one" thing sunk the Titanic, it was a combination of things and events. Bad steel, poor judgement, bad (or no) long range optics, and an iceberg.This event is no different. It's ok to have differences in opinions without it devolving into a brawl. My views on guns and gun control are vastly different than Mike's. I don't believe him to be a bad person. So often when things like this happen, it's many different factors that led to a tragedy like this school shooting. A bullied kid. Bad (or absent, disconnected parents). Easy access to deadly weapons. Teachers poorly trained to see obvious warning signs because of a host of other tasks. Friends that are afraid to say anything for fear of offending anyone. In the end, it always goes back to the same thing for me. If you had no hands, it's hard to punch someone in the face. If you had draconian gun laws, it would be far more difficult to shoot someone. None of that though brings any comfort to the parents of these children. This has rattled me to the core empathy-wise. No words or combination of words to express the sorrow. Love your kids, teach them however you can that violence is never, ever the solution to anything. Peace you guys. Just.. Peace.
  5. If memory serves correct, this happened very, very close to our own Carl. Horrible on so many levels. Sure to be politicized, scrutinized, analyzed and then dropped by the media in a months time. My heart goes out to the parents.
  6. Kiss' "Beth" was the 'B' side to "Detroit Rock City".
  7. Yeah... Whoever it was never even stopped. At 48, I've never been in a fistfight or broken a bone. I had my bell rang thoroughly. Clearly remember my head (thank God for a now bashed up helmet) hitting the road and seeing the far side of the ditch coming up, fast. No fear, no sorrow, no regrets, just cooly, almost detached thinking, "well, this is it, I'm dead. Hope it doesn't hurt.." Breaking a collar bone hurts like *hell*.
  8. Motorists texting and not paying attention to the road, thus cutting off a motorcyclist while passing on a double-solid line curve, forcing the motorcyclist to apply the back brake, dumping the pristine-condition 2004 Harley Davidson Road King FLHPI, and then both motorcycle and rider get a wowee fun trip across the asphalt, through the gravel, in, then out of a ditch. $8200.00 damage to the bike, and earning the rider 4 broken ribs and a busted collar bone. Ow. Very, very ow.
  9. I guess Ted Nugent has a promise to fulfill now! Kudos to the US for a wise choice on Presidents.
  10. The Titanic DNA watch. Constructed from steel recovered from the sunken liner, and on average, the watch goes for anywhere from 175k to 225k. A bit ghoulish I think. The face is colored from coal recovered from the wreck as well. Definitely a small market for this piece.
  11. I'm not a jealous man. My dear-departed Grampa said "want what you have", and I've done just that. Never wanted the flashy Rolex my boss has. Nor been envious of the young guy's at work hot as summer asphalt girlfriends. Couldn't care less about my neighbour's Beemer. Just not the jealous type. Until now. My niece went overseas with her boyfriend, and her boyfriend's aunt had them stay at her place. Seems there was a soiree of sorts at her cousin's house. I need therapy.
  12. I bought a new Canadian flag to replace the one in the front of our home. Brought it home, unwrapped it, and it's made in GD China. My Canadian flag, was made in China.
  13. This is stretching it, but one of those.....'soft and fuzzy' movies for Kel and I has always been "Eddie And The Cruisers". Awesome movie.
  14. Had the opportunity to do a pair of dives on the wreck of the Wexford, lost in the Black Friday Storm of 1913. I'd picked up one of those little GoPro cameras and added a decent underwater lens to it. Anyone interested in what a dive to the bottom of Lake Huron on a sunny July 1st day looks like can see them here. How she appeared in her better days.. The Dive: Wexford Wreck, Stern Portion. Wexford Wreck, Dive II, Bow Portion. Best to everyone, Ken.
  15. Brushing my teeth at the same vanity this morning that I have for 17 years, looked down, and was surprised to see this looking up at me. Trying to figure out if it is Hendrix, Carlos Santana, or Phil Lynott...
  16. Sad, I always loved the guy. Dick Clark Passes at Age 82
  17. John Cougar Mellonhead, "R-O-C-K in the U.S.A" (which I had always heard as "I Rolled Seka In The U.S.A.")
  18. It remains a mystery exactly who this guy is, but he is brilliant.. His name is Kent Carlevi and a year or two ago Youtube had pulled most of his videos for copyright infringement. A pile of fans of his have re-posted his videos and thus far they haven't been pulled. The guy is truly brilliant, with talent to burn. Kent Carlevi - La Grange Kent Carlevi - Tush Kent Carlevi - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love Kent Carlevi - No More Tears
  19. Woke up this morning to find gasoline prices at 1.36 per litre. Radio says the experts are predicting a buck-sixty before summer gets here. That's about 6.40 / US Gal.. Wow.
  20. Newly released photos of Charles Manson from CNN.. Still Crazy After All These Years Paul Simon I met my old lover on the street last night She seemed so glad to see me, I just smiled And we talked about some old times and we drank ourselves some beers Still crazy after all these years, still crazy after all these years I'm not the kind of man who tends to socialize I seem to lean on old familiar ways And I ain't no fool for love songs that whisper in my ears Still crazy after all these years, still crazy after all these years Four in the morning, crapped out, yawning, longing my life away I never worry, why should I, it's all gonna fade Now I sit by my window and I watch the cars I fear I'll do some damage one fine day But I would not be convicted by a jury of my peers Still crazy after all these years Still crazy, still crazy, still crazy after all these years
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