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  1. I bought a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. When I got home, I was bored, so I assembled all the pieces. It was a cat.
  2. Do you have any photos of yourself attending or about to attend, on your way to, what you used to look like when you were on your way to your favorite show? Seger, Cobo Hall, 1983. That's yours truly doing a Chuck Berry in front. My best friend Randy. Haven't seen Randy, my hair, a cigarette, or the ability to get down low like that in I can't remember when.....
  3. And saw them in Windsor last October. They blew the roof off the dump. This song is *carbonated* it's so bubbly. Pot Roast and Kisses
  4. A ticket to the Bahamas. Leave next Monday. Can't wait, I understand the weather is very drunk there. And the fish are pretty. As Jimmy is often heard to say, "The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful". Come along on a dive with me.....Diving in Roatan Ken.
  5. Happy New Year to all. Hard to believe this is my 13th anniversary being associated with this wonderful website. Stay safe tonight, and have a great 2016. Kenny.
  6. Ken

    Lemmy Has Died

    This one hurts. My inlaws are the living embodiment of white and uptight. They live in a condo in the town where I live (and have lived all my life, they are relative newcomers). As they vacation in Cocoa Beach Florida from January until Early April, they have kind of morphed into uber-conservative, sense of entitlement, Donald Trump loving, faux-Republicans. Like, climate change is not manmade, guns are good, immigrants are bad. yadda yadda. But they are both born here, they are Canadian. My father-in-law (actually more a step-father-in-law) is perpetually angry, happy to let everyone know what it is that "ticks him off" "Perturbs him" "irks him" etc. It drives both my wife and I wonky. And it always gave me *no* small sense of pleasure to roll into their parking lot with Motorhead's "Ace Of Spades" playing at plaster-cracking volume whenever I am summoned to repair something there which is all the time. My wife just kind of laughs, because I always crack it up just before turning into the parking lot. We're going on a cruise with them in 2 weeks. I'd rather suck a hospital mop. Thanks for everything Lemmy. I'm gonna miss you.
  7. @ 76, I suspect this may have been the last time I'll ever get a chance to see Gordy. This was the fifth time and it was the best. It was just my son and I (Kel says she would have to be dragged back to see him... He put on a great show for a full house. My son said standing 3 feet from him during the encore (Song For A Winter's Night) is something he'll remember forever. Peace.
  8. I had my iPod playing at work today, and. It was playing a *killer* 70's playlist. It got to Bob Welch's "Ebony Eyes" and one of the younger ones squinched up her nose and said "Holy crap that's old music". When did I get so old? Why did that genuinely hurt so much? Why do all those old songs mean so massively much to me? Why do I care so much about it? Music had always been my passion and my life. And I have genuinely tried to like anything current but it doesn't sound good to me. It sounds manufactured. It's not melodic and I'd bet all that I love, all that I own, that no one will be listening to the Imagine Dragons 40 years from now. Edison Lighthouse's "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)" came on and my boss said to turn it up, damn thats a good song. Ah well. I guess it doesn't matter. I have my music and it will be with me until I die. And when its time to go, I hope something I love is playing. Anyone want a copy of whats on that 70's playlist let me know. G'night.
  9. There is the song we all sing every Thursday when the paycheques arrive, Billy Preston's "Nothing From Nothing". At least we laugh.
  10. Ken checking in. I'm usually here each day reading what has been posted, but don't always sign in officially unless to comment or whatever. Been here since I can't remember when. 12 years now. No lie, best website on the internet. Peace.
  11. I don't much like the ride anymore. Last week I had to be shown someone being shot doing their jobs, over and over. They wouldn't stop playing it. But the local classic radio station censored the word "bullshit" from Pink Floyd's "Money". We're in trouble. Deep. Peace to everyone. Be safe.
  12. The B-52's "Planet Claire" has a fun schlock-y ersatz spooky taste to it. Many of the songs on Alice Cooper's "Welcome to my Nightmare" are straight up spooky, in particular "The Awakening" and "Steven" are truly scary. "Years Ago" is also on the scary Richter scale. When I was a kid listening to the Osmonds "Crazy Horses" in the dark used to spook me out. And for creep factor, AC/DC's "Night Prowler" is bad after you read up on a lovely human being, Richard Ramirez.
  13. This band is amazing. There is indeed hope for the future. Devils Look Like Angels
  14. Bob Seger's cover of Tina Turner's "Nutbush City Limits". Incredible.
  15. I was introduced to Jesus Rodriguez Saturday night via an *excellent* documentary, "Searching For Sugarman". The documentary tells the story of Rodriguez' 2 album releases back in 1970/71 that went nowhere, particularly in his native Detroit. In South Africa, he wound up bigger than Elvis, and had no clue of his popularity. The documentary covers the mystery of who he was, and his 'discovery' 30 years later. He had no idea of his success or following. One of the best films I have seen in years.
  16. Junior Brown - My Wife Thinks You're Dead
  17. I was shocked to find this on the internet. Back in the '80s, I accidentally found this radio station late on my way home on a Saturday night. You just don't find legendary disc jockeys serving up music like this any more. Ladies and Gentlemen, he's been gone a while, but I would love to introduce you to Detroit's Famous Coachman. WDET, FM102, comin' to you from the campus of Wayne State University, in Detroit, Blues, and music after hours with the Famous Coachman. Blues After Hours
  18. Anyone wanna see some beautiful tropical fish in their natural environment? Last month in the Honduras
  19. Happy Birthday Edna. I hope the entire week is a celebration. Best to you!
  20. At my sister's house last night. She had the old classic tv special "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" on. On the Island Of Misfit Toys, they have a character, a "Charlie-In-The-Box", who says he is a misfit, because nobody wants a Charlie in the box!!! Riding to work this morning, The Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz" came on. And I laughed so hard, I almost wrecked the damn car. "Oh, I see a man at the back as a matter of fact, his eyes are as red as a sun and a girl in the corner, let no one ignore her 'Cause she thinks she's the passionate one!!!" ITS THE SAME VOICE!!! ITS THE SAME GUY! Merry Christmas everyone.
  21. We go out with my folks every Friday night. There is a local hangout, "The Hideout". My Dad is 77, Ma is 75. There is 4:5 pitchers of beer gone before dinner is even ordered. Much laughing and joking. We bought Mom an iPad recently, never had a computer in her life, and she is digging it. I told her I was going to check her history for midget porn. Mom said what is midget CORN? Dad yelled, no, PORN. Midget PORN. MIDGETS SCREWING. This photo was taken directly after. They crack me up. They will be gone, someday, hopefully many many days from now, but right now rocks. Enjoy your folks. Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends.
  22. Last Christmas I was lucky enough to get the complete seasons of Gilligan's Island and the Munsters. All I wanted was a clean Imperial Margarine container with potato chips (Lays) and some Grape Kool-Aid. Woohoo! Its 1975 all over again.
  23. The Three Stooges, Curly as the opera singer, Curly fighting the oyster with the cracker, Larry digging his way through the front lawn, and Moe's hair standing straight up when he was scared. The Little Rascals "The Kid From Borneo" (Yum Yum Eat 'em up!"). Put up against the "comedy" on television now, give me the 75 year old stuff. Infinitely better. And cracks me up.
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