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  1. I remember that. It was pretty darn funny. Especially the beginning when they pull those guys over. and the end.
  2. Layla or sweet child of mine...what a choice.
  3. Whole lotta love is a tad high, but geez it's just to awesome, if somewhat short, not to be on it. I just love when it hits the drums then slams into it. Money's solo is half sax, half guitar. It doesn't matter though; it should be remembered for the bass line anyway. Everything else I agree with.
  4. I may be a tad biased but I think Billy Powell of Skynyrd was/is terrific. They wouldn't have been the same without him. And I agree, the former keyboardist of Deep Purple, Jon Lord, was great.
  5. Definitely the bagpipes in AC/DC's Long Way to the Top. The first minute is so cool, but that stupid bagpipe pisses me off. ::
  6. Will Ferrel is my favorite comedy actor besides Jim Carry, so I went to see Anchorman the other day. It was alright, but I guess I expected more from him. The guy from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart was pretty funny, and of course Ferrel did a good job. But it was maybe the first time ever I thought a movie should have been sillier. Worst movie ever: 90% of so-called "scary" movies.
  7. Tush--ZZ top Sweet child of mine--GNR crazy train--ozzy osbourne gimme three steps--lynyrd skynyrd runnin with the devil--van halen and my fav: layla--derek and the dominoes :guitar:
  8. Axl Rose Robert Plant Ronnie Van Zant All instantly recognizable, to me at least. Also songs with a nice chord at the beginning like freebird and you shook me.
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