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Will Jennings


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Ever hear a song that you love, but can't figure out what one particular lyric means? Every time, it stops you dead in your tracks as you grow more frustrated and start to wonder if this song that has become a part of your psyche means anything at all.

"While you see a chance you take it. Find romance, fake it."

These words were written by Will Jennings. He's the guy Eric Clapton called when he couldn't finish " Tears In Heaven." His lyrics have earned him 2 Oscars, entry in the Songwriters Hall Of Fame, and the respect of legendary artists like B.B King, Roy Orbison and of course Steve Winwood.

In speaking with Will Jennings, it became clear that his words always mean something. "Fake it 'til you make it" is a British expression, and it means that if something is lacking in your life, just imagine it until it's there. Because, as the song continues, "it's all on you."

Songwriters like Jennings make me very proud of what we accomplish here at Songfacts, helping listeners understand and appreciate their art. As you've probably surmised, this was one of my favorite interviews. Check out the Will Jennings interview in the Songfacts Interviews section.

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