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Bakersfield Shuffle


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Hey all ~

Are any of you familiar with the phrase Bakersfield shuffle? I thought it was a song, but everything I've read appears to describe it as a style, rather than a particular song. I tried Google and Wiki and neither of them are helpful in the least...


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Shawna, I've not heard tha particular phrase. There is a sub-type of country called the Bakerfield Sound (which I dearly love). It started with Buck Owens and Merle Haggard, and continues today with Dwight Yoakum. I wonder if the phrase relates to something in one of their songs?

That would be about the extent of any knowledge I have.. :P

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No specifics, other than that I like it! But this tidbit from wiki will tell you a bit..

wiki - Buck Owens

I'm thinking that it might be a line from a Yoakum song, though I don't think it's from his big hit "Streets of Bakersfield". I'll research a little more.

Also, the Bakersfield Sound, and Buck in general, impressed John Lennon, and the Beatles as a whole. They became great friends, and obviously, covered one of his #1 Hits "Act Naturally".

Sorry, I digress. I'll look into Dwight's songs...

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I'm wondering if the phrase actually is in reference to walking the streets of Bakersfield?

Bakersfield, is a hot, dusty place in the desert of California. Back in the depression, there were a lot of men who "rode the rails" homeless, that did just that, walked the streets. This is just from stories that I've gotten from my father (who lives there). Listen to the song...

The gang's all here

how many of you that sit and judge me, ever walked the streets of Bakersfield? (the Bakersfield Shuffle?)

On another note.... the man is HOT! ;)

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