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Emily Saliers (Indigo Girls)


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Emily is a thinker, and she has a remarkable ability to verbalize her thoughts in a coherent way. Emily's songs inspire a bit of introspection that can be challenging, but very rewarding. Her Songfacts serve as a guide that helps the listener understand and appreciate her songs, which is really what this site is all about.

She and Amy Ray spent a long time playing in bars and honing their craft before they came anywhere near making it big. Emily struck me as a true professional who doesn't take her success for granted. I get the sense that she spends very little time with her brain in neutral, and is one of those rare people who can energize her thoughts (sounds like my Yoga classes are seeping into my writing), which might be what makes a great songwriter.

One particularly interesting aspect of Emily's life is her relationship with her father, who is a theology professor. They wrote a book together that is well worth the read if you are interested in how religion can intersect with secular music.

Here are the Songfacts:

Pendulum Swinger

Closer To Fine



I Believe In Love

Last Tears

Lay My Head Down

Least Complicated

Prince Of Darkness

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