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Rudolf Rocker


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It would not be unfair to say that RUDOLF ROCKER were making songs about history and philosophy, whistling and naming themselves after dead Germanic icons before Franz Ferdinand had finished their final year dissertations. Their first LP "The Exotic Sounds of Rudolf Rocker" was, for a while, beloved of John Peel and received the following interesting commentaries:

“An extraordinary band ..sound like Noel Coward sniffing glue†(Melody Maker)

“Situationist easy listening noise..a fine selection of cheese cuts†(NME)

“Vic Reeves joins Raw Sex†(Record Collector)

“Rudolf Rocker may not be exotic, but they are off their rocker†(Vox)

“Magnificent..one of the albums of the year†(The Original Sin)

“Magazine playing the James Last Orchestra†(Event)

RUDOLF ROCKER’s most recent album "Rabbiting with Richard Dido", released late last year, continued their idiosyncratic fusion of indie-guitars, cheesy-listening-cum-spacerock keyboards, Latin rhythms, solemn situationist commentary, obtuse references to dead philosophers and absurdist tomfoolery.

Take an obvious fondness for the likes of Stan Getz, Astrud Gilberto and Juan Garcia Esquivel, add a mere soupcon of The Fall, a smattering of New Order, a generous sprinkling of Stereolab, garnish with a sprig of Velvet Underground (optional), et voila! You have the sound of indie lounge-core....or summat like that.

Probably not much like anything else you've heard. Rudolf Rocker apparently appeal to Americans, Canadians, Kiwis and particularly children. Make of that what you will. Worth checking out.

Rudolf Rocker: stuff to listen to / further info about "Rabbiting With Richard Dido" album

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