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Quiz November 2006


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2 entrants had all 10 answers correct:

Roger from New York, N.Y.

Graham from Bristol, England

Graham from Bristol, England came closest on the tie-breaking question and will receive a clean and comfortable SongFacts T-Shirt (compliments of our webmaster Carl). :coolio:

Here are the answers:

1. What duo once recorded as Tom & Jerry?

Simon & Garfunkel. They recorded as Tom & Jerry in 1957.

2. What popular Rock group has songs based on the books "Dune" and "The Phantom Of The Opera"?

Iron Maiden.

The songs are:

"To Tame A Land" from their 1983 release Piece Of Mind

"Phantom Of The Opera" from their 1980 release Iron Maiden

3. What Rap song from the '80s inspired a movie in the '90s with the same title?

"Boyz-N-The Hood" by N.W.A.

4. What musical instrument did Sherlock Holmes play?

The violin

5. In 1969, who performed as a mime rather than a singer, opening for the group T. Rex?

David Bowie

6. What famous Canadian Rock singer has a son who had a Pop hit in the '90s?

Randy Bachman. His son Tal had a hit in 1999 with "She's So High."

7. What currently-popular group started as a burlesque dance troupe?

The Pussycat Dolls

8. Bob Dylan played harmonica in his recording debut for what artist?

Harry Belafonte (Dylan played harmonica on Belafonte's recording of "Midnight Special")

9. What popular song was written by two people who were both knighted?

"Can You Feel The Love Tonight" was written by Sir Elton John and Sir Tim Rice.

10. Who recorded the shortest song ever to chart in the U.S. Top 40?

Duane Eddy - his instrumental, "Some Kind - A Earthquake" runs 1:17. It hit #37 in 1959 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Thanks to everyone who took the quiz and be sure to take the new quiz here SongFacts

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