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Hi Deborah, and welcome. :)

I believe you're talking about the "Request a Song" feature, correct? Because we get a large number of requests, we don't notify people when their songs have been added to the database. You'll need to check back and do a search or browse for it to see if it has been added. If you need a quick answer about a song, it is best to post a question here on the message boards in the Question & Answers forum, as Mindcrime suggested. :)

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Oh yeah, that's the newsletter, I forgot about that! :) You'll get it if you selected to receive it when you registered. Carl does put a nice big list of new songs in the newsletter but it's not all of them. It is an easy place to look, for starters. I've been intending to start archiving the newsletters in a board thread...I'll try to get on it asap! :)

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