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Who wrote what?


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Somehow you can tell which is a mcartney song and which is a lennon song

though lennon's song " goodnight sleep tight " had me beat, I thought that was Paul.

I even thought " I wanna hold your hand " was Paul but now I think its one of Lennon's songs, the very song that broke America !

In those early days of Beatlemania Lennon was the driving force, Beatlemania is all down to his songwriting genius.

Later , by the time of the sgt pepper album Paul was the driving force. I think Paul is the main man behind the best of sgt pepper...... he was the guvnor at that time.

So often also they did the main vocals on their own composition.

A song melody is so unique and magical it is absurd to think it can be created by two individual people.

I think what they did was to get together every now and then and play their new songs to each other and maybe Paul would suggest some improvement or other.

Paul and John were both gifted lyricists as well as tunesmiths.

A more normal collaberation is Elton John with Bernie taupin. Elton admits he is hopeless at lyrics

Bernie did that job and Elton received the lyrics and began putting tunes to them.

That seems the logical way.

I was surprised to read that Abba 's Waterloo started life as just a melody.

Benny gave the melody to Stig and he put the unusual lyrics to the catchy tune.

Stig was an old hand in the music biz, he was like a father figure to Bjorn and Benny.

It seems that Benny, ( the one with the beard, ) was the main tunesmith and Bjorn and Stig were writing lyrics for his amazing talent.

though I suspect that some of the Abba tunes were written by Bjorn like say 'another town another train'........... perhaps that was Bjorns own work ? I may be wrong.

The song " River deep mountain high " is one of the all time classic songs. the song is credited to 3 writers.........phil spector, jeff barry and ellie greenwich

but I suspect its really Ellie's song. The lyrics are in first person too written from a female angle. wow, wot a magic song, well done Ellie !

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