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Guitar Wolf - "Jet Generation"


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Guitar Wolf

"Jet Generation"


Released June 22nd, 1999

about 36 minutes

Label: Matador

1 Jet Generation

2 Fujiyama Attack

3 Kaminari One [Jet Version]

4 Kung Fu Ramone

5 Teenage U.F.O.

6 Cosmic Space Girl

7 Roaring Blood

8 Gakulan Rider

9 Refrigerator Zero

10 Shimane Slim

11 Cyborg Kids

12 Summertime Blues

13 Can-Nana Fever [Jet Version]

This is not what God had in mind when he created music. When God created music, he was probably thinking "this is indeed a great gift to humanity. It will not only bring the humans great joy, but also a medium to express themselves, creatively and artistically." Guitar Wolf is abrasive, loud, fast, angry, and is likely to piss off the majority of adults who listen to them. There's little or no artistic value to "Jet Generation." It is the epitome of rock n roll. In other words, it's fantastic!

Guitar Wolf is a noise rock band from Japan, which seems to be a current hot spot for punk and noise. It's not considered noise rock because there is no discernable melody. A punk fan can definitely find the melody in "Jet Generation." Most of the noise comes from over-the-top distortion and feedback. Some songs begin with guitar squeals which seem to serve no purpose but to pierce your eardrums. However, once the songs get up and running, and the screamed vocals kick in, it becomes incredibly fun and wild. Guitar Wolf kind of sounds like the Ramones, with the feedback multiplied by 100. It seems to me that Guitar Wolf is what rock is all about. It's about nothing but teenage fun, and it seems that all Guitar Wolf has to say, artistically, is "LOOK AT ME!"

If you're in the right mood for it, "Jet Generation" is an ass-kicking album, perhaps the most ass-kicking album of the 1990's. However, if you're not in the right mood for it, it's downright terrible. There's plenty to hate about "Jet Generation." The terrible production can give a listner an ear ache. The amount of fuzz and noise can give a listener a head ache. The lack of artistry can give a listener a stomach ache. The first time I heard Guitar Wolf, I was literally in pain. I thought, "how do people like this stuff?" Of course, I was in the wrong mood for it. I listened to it in my pajamas, browsing music on rhapsody on a grey and raining winter's morning. That setting is better for a Sigur Ros album. Your adrenalene needs to be pumping before you listen to "Jet Generation." Trying to get yourself pumped up by listening to Guitar Wolf is like trying to wake up by putting PCP in your morning coffee...it's a bad idea. So download a few songs (my personal favorite is "Kaminari One"), and next time you're feeling incredibly pumped up and angry and happy at the same time, have a listen.

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