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Ushers really gonna burn!!

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Did you ever really think about the song burn!! I mean I know he says it's about this breakup between him and his gf, but did you ever really think about the lyrics... well here's my proposal I think that songs not just about love, but an STD specifically Gonereha! Now I'm no genius on this STD, but one thing I do know is that there is a burning feeling... If anyone wants to post there idea on this specific topic please do....

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wow... everybody who see this thread, spread around that that (is this legal in English?) is the real meaning to the song, eh? that song and Yeah are very popular in Israel right now.... you can here people waking the street singing that err... baseline (vocab check) to Yeah (do do- do do! do do- do do!. and then the people that hear that start to do the dance.... its a fun thing. or they go the Lil Jon "OOOOKAYY"

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