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Quiz November 2003


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Aditya from Dubai, United Arab Emirates is the winner of a clean and comfortable Songfacts T-shirt .

Here are the answers:

  • What former Beatle appeared in a Madonna movie?
    - George Harrison.
    He was in Shanghai Surprise. A lot of people guessed Ringo.

  • What popular singer from the '60s and '70s converted to Islam and stopped recording secular music?
    - Cat Stevens

  • What magazine has used rappers Nelly, Ludacris, Outkast and Ja Rule as guest photographers?
    - Playboy
    This was a tough one. Most guesses were Vibe, Source, Jet or Spin.

  • What band has a mascot named Eddie?
    - Iron Maiden

  • Who made a surprise appearance at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards and asked, "Heard Any Good Jokes Lately"?
    - Paul Reubens, better known as Pee Wee Herman

  • What musician appeared on the first episode of <i>Sesame Street</i>?
    - Luther Vandross
    He was with a group called Listen My Brother.

  • What song that Marilyn Manson covered did he say was "More depressing and offensive than anything I've ever written."
    - "Suicide Is Painless" (theme from M.A.S.H.)

  • What is the best-selling single by a female group?
    - "Wannabe" by The Spice Girls
    Most guesses for this were songs by Destiny's Child, The Bangles, The Go-Gos, and TLC.

  • Who was the first rapper or rap group to earn a gold record?
    - Kurtis Blow ("The Breaks")
    Just about everyone guessed Run-DMC. A few people guessed The Sugarhill Gang, Will Smith or The Beastie Boys. Frank is the only one who got this right.

  • What band is being sued by fans after leaving the stage at a concert this summer after playing for just 17 minutes?
    - Limp Bizkit
    The show was in Chicago, and the crowd turned hostile in response to derogatory comments from lead singer Fred Durst.

  • Tiebreaker: How many pumpkins did the Songfacts staff buy for Halloween?
    - 1, but we had plenty of gourds. Some people thought we bought hundreds of pumpkins.

Thanks to everyone who took the quiz, and be sure to take the new one


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