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Brad Wind - Miami Fl.

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We haven't heard from Brad in a while, but he was our #1 contributor. As far as I know, Brad was an oldies DJ or involved in oldies radio in some way. He had this massive knowledge of songs, and when Songfacts went online, he finally had a place to unload it. He's had computer issues that have kept him away from time to time, but we hope he gets a chance to come back to the site and check in on the boards.

Brad, if you're out there, phone home.

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I hope so. The only guy I know of who can even hit in the same league is a guy (DJ) I've know of around here in Seattle on a couple of rock stations the last couple decades - Steve Slayton - who I have invited to check out Songfacts. Hopefully Steve will be able to contribute some of his immense musical knowledge with us.


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