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jazz sweet jazz


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so Imagine you were having a nice romantic dinner at a beautiful and a bit fancy restaurant and there would be a jazz band playing with a singer what songs would make the evening just right???

mine would be:

My baby just cares for me


Girl from Ipanema

Cheek to cheek

tea for two

just a gigolo( I aint´got nobody)

my funny valentine

mack the knife

aint no sunshine

and can´t buy me love in a jazz version

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Oh "Aint no sunshine" is a great choice! I love "my baby just cares for me", ever since I first saw the music video for it, it has stuck in my mind. And great piano bits in it too!

I've heard a really nice, jazzy version of "somewhere beyond the sea", which was just perfect for a romantic setting :)

Iceland - awesome! I wish I could visit there! Welcome to Songfacts :)

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