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Mp3 question


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Lets say theres an mp3 on one's computer.

Let us say that one copies an mp3 from folder A and pastes the mp3 in folder B.

Now the person burns the copy of mp3 in folder B onto a Audio Cd.

Does copying a mp3 harm the song quality and do you "lose" something from the partiular tarck?


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The whole theory behind digital music files is that the quality will be the same now matter how many times you copy them, play them or burn them.

As opposed to analog copies.

Now, you can change the "bit rate" for a file, which will affect the quality. Standard radio broadcast quality is 96kbs. Most legally purchased mp3's are 128 kbs.

Audio files on CD are 1411 kbs, so the quality is better than an mp3. But an mp3 is nothing more than a compressed version of a ".wav" file, which is what is found on a CD. That's why you can fit typically 15-20 songs on an audio CD, but 150+ on an mp3 disc (basically a data disc as opposed to and audio disc).

So, to save hard drive space you can lower the bit rate of an mp3, say from 160 kbs to 96 kbs. The quality will suffer if you do that. If you do the opposite, rasing the bit rate, it won't really improve the quality. The original can't really become more than it naturally is. Or, like my favorite saying, you can't polish a turd.

Man, that became increasingly irrelevant.

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