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Hey Carl & Sara,

I was wondering why certain threads seem to have different names. The one that caught my eye was psychocatholic's "OK i really gotta get this out..." thread. Sometimes it will come up "I hate Elvis" or "The Originator". Is there a way to change the names? No rush, not important, just my inquisitive nature.

Color me curious,

Peaches ::

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I know you asked for the admin/mods help but I can answer it ::

Anytime you reply, you can change the subject line to whatever. To further explain this, next time you type a reply in this white box, scroll up a bit (right above the 'Icons') and you'll see 'Subject', and it will say Re: whatever the thread is called.

I know in other sites, quite a few people do that to try to get the thread more attention. For example, say a thread started with, "I love to play the guitar but only know 3 chords." Now suppose there's at least 30 replies and some peeps don't want to bother sifting through them all even though that thread might (probably) have changed topic(s). To get back the attention, the next time you reply put in for the subject, "My cat stuck it's paw in the electrical socket and now looks like Epstein from Welcome Back, Kotter ..." or whatever subject is being discussed. It saves from starting another thread and when other peeps see that line without the 'Re:', they're more inclined to view.

That's my theory anyway. And as what many ex g/fs have told me, I don't know s**t ... ::


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Funny stuff!

Thanks for answering peachy's question ant. Like you said, a thread's title is best if it's short and sweet. You have to admit, instead of:

Ok, I really got to get this...

This says everything that the thread starter was trying to say:

I Hate Elvis

I see it caught your eye Peachy. ::

But, even the best titles go off topic as proven in that thread. My rule of thumb is if the title has an ellipsis then it's probably too long. :P

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