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Heart ~ Bebe Le Strange

Sweet Jane 61

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I was into Heart ever since they debuted. They hit hard with Dreamboat Annie, and did well with Little Queen....then kind of faded off. But I still kept buying their albums, then out came Bebe Le Strange in 1980. I was hooked again, not that I let go of being a fan, but I once again heard the rockin' chics I had come to love. "Even it Up" doing great and rockin, making on the charts but only to #33...what is up with that? But there are other cuts that didn't get released like "Raised on You", Sweet Darlin'" and the awesome rocking tune "Rockin' Heaven Down"...I heard a radio interview with Heart after the album came out and they were on tour and Ann said on a gig in Japan they started singing "Rockin' Heaven Down" and a thunderstorm broke out, she said it was eerie, yet cool...on the album that tune along with "Even it Up" are my top two favorites. And without longtime guitarist Roger Fisher, the band had the sound you heard back on Dreamboat Annie. Ann with amazing vocal range and Nancy's gifted guitar. Some critics knocked the album, but as a true Heart fan, I am happy to have in my collection.

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