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Fu Manchu - The Action Is Go


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Fu Manchu

"The Action is Go"


Fu Manchu is a prime example of the spirit of rock n' roll that is still alive today. It was made in 98, but it sounds as if it could have come out in the metal scene of the early 70's. This group, which is one of the most popular in the "stoner metal" genre, draws influences from early detroit punk bands (such as MC5), sludgy 70's metal (such as Black Sabbath), and fuzzy California rock. Fu Manchu also has grunge influences. The songs have great riffs, and incredibly thick guitars. This album is among the hardest rocking of the late 90's. It's the kind of album that sounds great when you are using it to blow out your speakers in your van, driving down the highway. The only problem with this album is that if you are not a fan of the genre, you may find that the songs all sound similar, and you may get bored with the album. But if you are looking for a good album to headbang to, this is a good one.

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