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Guidelines for posting


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To all our aspiring poets, writers and lyricists, please read here before submitting any work.

  • Ensure all work that is copyright protected is marked accordingly.
  • Do not post any another person's work without referencing its exact details ie. Plagiarise. This is a crime punishable by law and future offenders will be banned from the forums.
  • Please, only your own original works.
  • If you have drawn inspiration from another artist of any type, please reference the particular work or song.
  • If you wish to draw others attention to your favourite poet, author, songwriter, artist, post a link in one of the other forums so we can all visit the relevent site. We all like to hear about something new!
  • If you do not wish to receive any comments on your piece, please notify a moderator with a link to the thread.
  • Please do not post emails or forwards here. That is for you inbox, not Creative Writing.

Enjoy the forum, whether it is just reading through or submitting your personal works.

As always, constructive criticism only.



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