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Anybody who loves blues - Stevie Ray, BB King, or Blind Faith should check out these some of these bands....the thread about Joe Bonamassa actually reminded me that people really need to hear some more blues : North Mississippi Allstars (here's a link to some free downloads - if it doesn't work just go to amazon.com and put them in the search)


also --- Shannon Curfman, Los Lonely Boys, Indigenous, Driveby Truckers, Sonny Landreth (INCREDIBLE) and Tab Benoit. Anyone with more suggestions - please enlighten me. Thanks


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You're right Elvish - Susan Tedeschi is great - she reminds me alot of Bonnie Raitt. I downloaded 3 songs on Amazon ... really impressive. And CC - I'm very jealous you got to see the Stones and Los Lonely Boys. I'll bet it was unforgettable! Love them both.

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AS...Elvy turned me onto Susan Tedesci also, so much that I bought a CD. Course now, I'm broke (no buying CDs')and can't download so I don't get to hear anything but samples of her.

It seems like you like newer bands....have you listened to any of the old guys??? You'll like 'em!!!

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