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Cheaper by the dozen!


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I just saw this film this last weekend. Actually I watched it twice in 3 days! I loved it, my family loved it, my sone really loved it. I come from a family of 8, (6 boys and 2 girls) and believe me when I say it's anything but the real thing, it's a *movie* and it's "fun to watch" -- that is why I watch films because they are NOT reality, I watch them to actually "escape reality" for a couple hours. But that's not the only reason I bring this film up... Nope, it's the great soundtrack they put to this -

?"These are Days" 10,000 Maniacs

?"People Come Together" Len

?"Back Again" Mr. Cheeks

?"Life is a Highway" Tom Cochran

?"Conant Gardens" Slum Village

?"I'm Just a Kid" Simple Plan

?"Someone Like Me" Lea Longo

?"Help" Fountains of Wayne

?"Surfacing" David Usher

?"In Too Deep" Sum 41

?"Classical Gas" Mason Williams

?"Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" Brenda Lee

Wow what a great mix-up! added to an already wonderful feel good movie, if you haven't seen this one - you're missing out! (imo)

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I wouldn't cut it short...thought it was entertaining. hehe...it was hard to watch because there were about 10 kids running around when I saw it. :stars: My friends son was turning 5 and all his cousins came to celebrate. I guess it added more reality to the story line. The one daughter with pony tails, reminded me of myself at that age. Except I was worse. :angel:

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