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What floats the fish?

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I love Songfacts! One of my favorite aspect of the site is it is "ad-free" and non-commercial. While I see that it would not cost much to support such and endeavor, there must be some cost for server space, etcetera. This is evidently a hobby. What can we learn about how Songfact is supported finacially? And thanks so much.

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Good question, and great subject line.

When many websites go up, they immediately throw up banner ads, pop ups, and whatever else is the new annoying ad form of the moment. There has to be a better way. Our plan is to find a sponsor with a product relevant to music fans and give them some space on the site with a link. I don't think anyone would object as long as it was clearly labeled as a sponsor.

We keep our costs down by doing most of the work ourselves. Unfortunately, this leaves us little time for sales presentations and marketing. If anyone has sales experience and can convince a great company that they should sponsor Songfacts, let us know - we offer a good commission. Any ideas or thoughts on this are welcome.

Everyone wants to get paid to do something they love. We might get there someday, but it's not awful doing something you love for free.



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