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Here's the idea : You are casting a movie and have your pick of actors/ directors, themes, etc, Who's in it .. and a brief idea of the story-line or genre. Intersesting combinations that you'd like to see... etc.

ex : Horror/ thriller : Haunted house in New England ... betrayal, ghosts ( mania ? ) , an old grudge, a little tie-in to witchcraft, as well

Leads : Jack Nicholson / Faye Dunawaye (sp ?)

Supporting : Gene Hackman , Renee Zellweger ( for innocence) , Robert Downey Jr. , Denzel Washington ( the detective ) :jack: :rockon:

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I want Quentin Tarrantino directing the movie version of Fox Force Five. I'll give him Uma Thurman, but he has to take Tea Leoni, Elizabeth Shue, Tia Carrere and Bridget Fonda. I want Morgan Freeman finally breaking character and playing the villian. Let's get Ashton Kutcher in there somewhere, not breaking character. And Christopher Walken. He's the one they have to save.

Maybe this is why I'm not a screenwriter.

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