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Another new songling..

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I'm at the library at the moment unable to post it - and with a mother of a sore arm from having slept on it all last night while it was in an odd position, I will soon be going back to my house and making sure that I get it to you.. It'll be about 1 hour, still, but it definitely will/will not be worth it.

See y'all


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Another new one - probably will end up on my album..

v1) Big steel princess, she slices deep within

The scars don't speak sweet pleasure, merely sin

I wonder does she ever feel the same?

Crying never worked its tricks on you

Tears, sweat and blood can wash pain away too

I want to suck your play into my game

br) It's seeming I'm bleeding, I'm crying, I'm screaming

Tears pouring, blood seeping, was I ever dreaming?

ch) I can dream of you, it brings it all back to me

The way I was before I met destiny

This was my dream when you turned my life around here

But if you're not here, it's out of my hands

I'm out of my life

v2) I look at you, you laugh back in my face

You offer me a beautiful embrace

I beg of you don't ever let me leave

Now I've lost my strength to see it thorugh

I have to let you see you feel it too

You may look fine at first but soon you'll seethe

br) You're hating, you're aching, your self-worth is breaking

You're sat here, drenched in fear, your conscience is shaking


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