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Overrode Glory


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[This and a completely experimental piece of writing that I wrote today. Its 1000% experimental. an amalgamation of poetry, storytelling and perpetual morals]

Overrode Glory

I search for pleasure

And bury treasure

I vie for the everlasting happiness

And dig a deep hole

I carefully place this hefty chest in this gaping fall

And lower it slowly and protect its soul

I shove dirt upon this fallow ground

Until it reaches the brim

Walk away

The sun plastered the fallow terrain

And my mind became hazy and insane

Viewing double near and afar

Impressions were marred

I saddled up and trotted along

The lane disgorged me at a pebbly coast

A couple down the way having an exultant toast

Clouds crept upon the sky waiting to cry

I ventured to the water

Soaked my feet

And viewed beyond

The woman suffered from distraught heart

The man offered solace

It was insufficient

She despaired and sadly departed in tot the opaque distance

I approached the man

And phrased solace as best as I can

?It happen to the best of us,? I remarked

?What do you know?? he loudly barked.

?More than you,? I confidently replied

?What?s your name, sir?? I drifted


?I?ve got something to share with you.?


?She is sad because of you and her past life.?

?What are you getting at??

?Your impatience is intolerable and your ignorance is insufferable.?

You must evoke the past jubilations that seem so foreign to her now.? I continued.

And you ignorance is hindering yourself to learn about her exuberant history.?

The clouds were tumbling down the horizon and the moon floated off in the ceaseless sky. Malik will, hopefully, do what?s right. What he seeks is my protection. (To be continued)

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