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Sitting in the back, playing my guitar

Two guys jump in and drive off in my car

I know I shouldn't leave the keys in the ignition

But he was so good lookin', all tight jeans and tatoos

So she changed her tune from soul to the blues

I replaced my guitar with a portable sax

Then got all sexy in my Sans-A-Belt slacks

Ow! (drum solo)

(Guitar Solo)

( Girl In car)Them tight jeans and ta ta toos

ooh lets jazz it up!

I started working up a sweat so bad

I could have filled up my D-Cups

Should I stop or go with it?

( Guy In car)Red & Blue we gota stop

Coz' I think we just sped by the local traffic cop

Should I stop or go with it?

It has now become a duet

And we aint done yet

We're gonna keep on drivin'

Til we get it wet

(voice from police car's loudspeaker)

"Stop now people, this is the law

You can't be doing what I just saw"

(voices from backseat of the car)

Tell yer Mama, Tell yer Paw

We're gonna keep on cookin'

Til we make it raw

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