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Well, we claim them as Australian, but you might as well call them American now. I know they appeared in English variety theatres or music halls as children, but their career really started in Australia - they lived not far from me here in Brisbane. Their band name was taken from the two men who fostered and developed them - 4BH Disc Jockey Bill Gates and Brisbane Speedway Promoter/ Businessman Bill Goode. They had Hits here two years before they did in England. I too prefer their 60s material.

I get annoyed, as I'm sure the Kiwis must also, when we Australians claim New Zealand singers as "Australian" by residency, eg Dinah Lee, Johnny Devlin, Bill & Boyd, Split Enz -(although Crowded House included some Australians of course !).

I'm surprised I haven't seen the great Bands (Twilights, Axiom, Little River Band) that Glen Shorrock was associated with mentioned in this thread yet. (I'll check again).

The Skyhooks were great, but I always thought Sherbert were the best Aussie band of the 70s. Not forgetting Cold Chisel - they were probably the best late 70s/ 80s ROCK band (maybe the BEST Aussie ROCK Band, not POP - see below). I've never really been an AC/DC or INXS fan, although I like some of their songs.

I agree with Katie on the Easybeats being THE Australian Band of the 1960s, no - let's make it the BEST Aussie Band Ever (although they were ALL immmigrants - 2 from Holland, 3 from England and 1 from Scotland). We WERE a very generous country as far as accepting displaced people after WWII. When I was growing up in the 50s my two best Mates were Italian and Maltese and I was in love with a Dutch girl. SO when we start defining who and who is not Australian we have problems at times.


P.S. This Post was in response to Johnnyguitar. Hi Katie - it took me all that time to type it. I see Sherbert and LRB were mentioned before, but not the Twilights who were a great harmony band. :)

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