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Hate my eyes


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This is just something i though of

I wear sunglasses in the dark

just to hide my eyes

theyve grown sad from girls and all their lies

theyre all nice and say im a great guy

but none give me a chance and i wonder y?

its not my fault im ugly its the man in the skies

i think he does it for fun and hes earned my despise

so i walk with a smile to use as a disguise

is it really that bad for a boy to cry?

when hes all alone sometimes wishing to die

I Hate My Eyes

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Don't lose ur hopes man.Cheer up.Life is full of enjoyment these things are just a little part of it.So enjoy life unless u lose it.Girls are for boys and boys are for girls, Its a fact that every1 will have to realise.Baqi Jaan g,Welldone Keep it up.Take good care of urself.

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