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Old Music and Todays Music

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I grew up on classic rock, my dad listens to it religiously, and I'm glad its what I grew up hearing, I think it's really what has made me appriciate music & what it stands for. I'm into new music, Taking Back Sunday & Brand New punk/emo stuff. But I still listen to classics all the time, thats where the roots are anyways. I'd really like to see a revolution in music with 60's & 70's -esque rock, Theres a couple out there, The Darkness & Jet are starting to bring back that "old feel" of rock, a& I personally would LOVEEEE to see more of it.

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Sure music needs to develop, but a big part of the music on MTV consists of things like techno cover versions of San Francisco, and I can't really see any value in that, or maybe it's just me.

Not even my parents listen to Classic Rock, they like things like Shania Twain and some strange Irish bands that sing with such a strong accent I've got problems to understand them.

Anyway, I also like Green Day, but they're not that new either. I don't hava much knowledge of charts or things apart from that.

I think if you really want to develop music without losing the feeling or whatever you want to call it of that old music, you have to sound like back in the 60s or 70s, because as pinkskull said, that's where the roots are. I've got a feeling I'm contradicting myself...

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$.02 pt II - I think we are all guilty to a certain degree of maintaining a comfort zone with what we listen to - but I love hearing new music - even if it's bad at least you gave it a chance. I listen to so many different artists and genres because different music lends itself to different situations. I have many friends with whom the basis of our relationship started with music. I had a girlfriend about 15 years ago that turned me on to reggae and I still see her face everytime I hear Bob. I'm sure you all have had similar incidents. Introduce new music to someone as often as possible - new to them I mean - stimulate intellectual growth - or promote stupidity - just pass on your favorites to people who you think will appreciate it. Here's a couple of my "can't believe you haven't heard this" titles to check out - expand your view.....

Lou Reed - Rock 'n' Roll Animal (classic VU tunes live with primo band)

UFO - Strangers in the Night (grandiose arena rock - Michael Schenker shredfest)

Ani DiFranco - Evolve (folkpunk)

Keb' Mo' - Just Like You (acoustic blues)

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