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The new artist browse should be great once we get it working properly, and we're almost there. It will replace the unruly search box.

Lyrical Pursuit is in the testing stages. This should be fun. The look and play will be similar to Song Fallacies.

There's a good chance we are going to do another "Mighty Songfacts Easter Egg Hunt." Here's how this works:

We come up with a list of clues that can be answered with the title of a song. For example, "How author Jack introduces himself on the phone" would be answered with "London Calling." Going to the song "London Calling" produces an egg, which lets you know that is the right answer. We have some ideas for clues, but can definitely use more. Please send us any you think of.

We also have lots of new song information coming in, and we've done some more songwriter interviews. Thanks to our friendly moderators for helping on the boards, which frees up time for us to write code.

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