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Quiz March 2004

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There were 2 winners this month:

Jake from Tecumseh, MI

Theresa from Jenkintown, PA

Both win a clean and comfortable Songfacts T-shirts for their efforts.

Here are the answers:

  • What female singer started a fashion trend in 2002 by wearing men's ties?
    - Avril Lavigne

  • Who had the best-selling rap album of the '80s?
    - The Beastie Boys
    The album was License To Ill. Whenever we ask a question containing the words "rap" and "first," at least half the guesses are Run-DMC.

  • What band's name means "Do You Remember?"
    - Husker Du
    It's Swedish. Fun wrong answers included Ya Lo Tengo, Kajagoogoo, Menudo and Rammstein.

  • What was Madonna's first movie where she sang on camera?
    - Vision Quest
    She sang "Crazy For You" in a nightclub. Evita was a popular guess.

  • What is the first year that CDs outsold vinyl records?
    - 1988

  • What famous group's keyboard player recently admitted he had a sex change operation?
    - Jethro Tull
    Their former keyboard player David Palmer is now known as Dee.

  • What group's autobiography was a best-selling book in 2001?
    - Motley Crue
    It's called The Dirt.

  • When he was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, who said, "They?re not playing rock 'n' roll anymore. Everything is push the buttons. Take away all their fuzz pedals these days, and they?d be lost up there on stage"?
    - Bo Diddley

  • What famous singer recently spent 2 days in jail for drunk driving?
    - Diana Ross

  • What popular all-female band has a member named Michael?
    - The Bangles
    Michael Steel, who was also a member of The Runaways (which we accepted), is their bass player.

Thanks to everyone who took the quiz, and be sure to take the new one


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