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Another poem-you'll be getting bored by me now!

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This originally started out life as a song but then it was crap so i changed it into a poem. it was written in June and i dont have a name for it so any suggestions would be appriciated s'il vous plait.

Just an observer,silenced, still

a passive passer-by

in this destructive,

so-called life

my four-leafed clover, delicate, mild

my luck 13, unusual

runs out of luck

predictably so

Hospitalised for faith in believing

that dreamers can dream away

rehabilitised for

struggling for feelings to sink in


paralysied for the sound of stares that touch a scent

materialised has a ntion

that i have not been saved

from the world

there it is, not as good as my others but hey, i tried :happybanana:

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Mairi, I'm not going to tell you again about apologizing for your work. :beady:

As far as the poem goes,I like the way it ends. I feel as if I've been left hanging...what the heck happens next?

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