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MQA-CD: The Green CD, Hi-Res music format?


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It's Saturday morning, time for another "Techmoan" Tech video. Did you ever hear about "MQA-CD"? Me neither, by that time, in the early 2000s, music CD sales were about to take a death dive. "Media streaming services" offered EVERYTHING recorded "at any time/all the time" without the "clutter of physical media." Back in 2018, "Techmoan" looked at MQA-CD and found that the decoders and players were only available at "Audiophile Prices" (Thousands of Pounds Sterling, of course.;) Recordings of this latest "better than regular CD" format were available only in Japan. Flash forward to today, hardware and music CD prices have flattened out, but the format appears to have "only historical interest." Press PLAY to find out about the "tempest in a teacup" Internet battle for tech information and sound comparisons...if you dare...

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