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"Ashita" (Theme from "Yasashii Jikan")


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"Yasashii Jikan" is a 2005 Fuji TV drama series about the "sometimes interstellar distances between family members." Briefly, Yukichi Wakui is a former trading company executive who has retired to the town of Furano (Hokkaido) and runs a "grind your beans" coffee shop. He's estranged from his former-delinquent son Takuro Wakui, who has relocated to a distant town to study fine pottery making. Yukichi blames Takuro for having killed his wife in a traffic accident and came very close to disowning him. Will this stubborn father and son reunite? The action takes place over an eventful Winter. Yukichi is visited in spirit by his wife, and "Ashita" (Tomorrow) is the closing theme for this TV drama.

Edited by Otokichi
This series moves slower than "From the North," a family drama that started in 1981 and wrapped in 2002.
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