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Music + Flashing lights: Spectrum analyzer and dB meters

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Does your analog meter "Man Cave" need dressing up? Fear not, "Techmoan" has found flashing light bars to show off your audio bandwidth! For cheapskates, American Audio has a 40 LED display to show off a dB range from -57dB to 0dB coming off "The Dark Side of the Moon." For rack mounters, Fungeneration's RTA-31 will show if your music collection can span a range from 20-20Khz. How much does this light show cost?

For "Techmoan" in the UK, the American Audio Mk.II dB meter was 33 Pounds Sterling before Value Added Tax+shipping and handling. The Fungeneration unit, 79 Pounds+VAT+S&H. Is it necessary? Of course not. But it is fun to look at.;)

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