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"I'll Get By As Long As I Have You"


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I was looking at the 1973 TV movie, "Birds of Prey," on YouTube, when I ran across an emphatic statement that "I'll Get By As Long As I Have You" in the movie was sung by Keely Smith. A search led to this LP-era, languid, 4 minute recording. In the World War II era, recordings were made at 78 RPM, so a disc side lasted a total of 3 minutes and some seconds. The tempo matches, and compared to the original soundtrack, the producers had to "mute the modern stuff" to match 1930's-1940's recordings. "Birds of Prey" 1973 TV movie (Check out the "P-40s attack Japanese bombers" and the "plane pursuit" near the end of the movie.

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"This Harry Walker of radio station KBEX, doing the traffic report."
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