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"Children of Hiroshima" (1952)


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Submitted for your approval, the less grim movie commissioned by a Hiroshima teacher's union, to portray the Hiroshima Atomic bomb' and it's effects on people years later. This was the first of two movies screened by Turner Classic Movies this Sunday, 12 July, 2020 to commemorate August 6th, 1945. The teacher's union was upset that this movie failed to indict the Japanese and U.S. government for failing to meet the needs of A-Bomb survivors. A second, more graphic movie, showing people "blasted into rag dolls," and children trapped under a collapsed wooden classroom, titled "Hiroshima" (1953), got the point across like a lead pipe "upside your head."  Warning: this (or the other movie) show graphic depictions of the effects of A-bomb "Little Boy" on civilians.

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