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"Sankofa" (1993)

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TCM ran "The Castle," an Austrian TV movie of 1997, based on an unfinished Franz Kafka novel. A search on YouTube turned up this tale of a "down the rabbit hole of time" tale of a modern female model who ends up a 19th century slave! Here's an interesting/harrowing tale of when Black Lives Didn't Matter...

Sorry, no English subtitled version of the Austrian TV movie, "Das Schloss," but here is a 2016 Russian version by Konstantin Seliverstov:  "Das Schloss"

The other TCM Sunday foreign film movie was "Funny Games" (1997) which was about as satisfying as "Alien 3." (Beware of clean-cut youths asking for eggs!) "Can I have six eggs for tomorrow's breakfast next door?"

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Spirits haunt The Castle...

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