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"Simon the Sorceror"


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Submitted for your approval, a 12-year-old-sorceror-in-training, his dog, and a book! (Harry Who?)  It looks like a Sierra Online game, but it isn't. There's no time to waste, get your magic wand and Save The Day!

The characters in "the other world" are snarky, witty, helpful, and helpless, by turns. Simon starts out as an ordinary "Tween," pining for pizza, but soon becomes more responsible and canny in this world of magic. The humor and pathos in this game is in line with other 1990's games, unlike to "casual cruelty" of "Fran Bow" or "Little Misfortune." Have fun, this is going to be a long, strange journey with allusions to other games.;)

Edited by Otokichi
Be careful what you wish for Simon...
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