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I wrote this a few years ago, I was going through old poems and I thought I would share...it's nothing to be proud of, but here it is. (If you can find any meaning in it, share).

I now know

It was your breath

Warming my body, as real as my own.

It was you,

That held my stones

The weight of my hope,

Watching me crumble.

Fading into you

With that look of contentment

Smiling because you can,

Fulfilling hunger,

Never backtracking to see

That you left behind everything I'd need.

We would both smile like it was Sunday morning,


Inside my mind

I could find you, eating and smirking,

Crying in the corner

Tears of blood, shed from the beauty you thought you felt,

Sopping up every last drop of my flesh

Carrying on as if you knew me.

Sleeping to dream

Your life existed with your clammy palms,

Sugar sweet.

I once felt your soul,

We shattered porcelain like a wonderful prayer,

Gone sour.

Tainted, we would smile

Carrying on, like vomiting after every meal and crying,

molding our veins to one.

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