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mac and music: downloads

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I have a mac and I can´t download music from the web. My friends do it for me with their PCs. Is it true than it´s difficult to do this with mac? (mine is 9.2)? I¨ve been told that you can´t download music with a mac, but some people tell me they do. I know it´s rather a technichal than music question, but I thought that maybe some of you have or had the same problem. Maybe it´s just that I didn´t try hard enough...

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Hey another mac person! I have an iMac with 9.2. I have the answer. Download Limewire. It works great - not difficult at all. The songs go into a Shared folder inside the Preferences folder inside the System folder.You probably already have iTunes, if not download that too. Now you're ready download songs and burn CDs.

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