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1925 Model T

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Psst! Do ya wanna out-Steam Punk everybody at the next party? Step into this vintage motorcar by Henry Ford and you're "the bee's knees"! I ran across Regular Car Review when I was looking at automobile vlogs and saw an old neighbor's daily driver: a 1960 Ford Falcon! Rather than do the "wax-on/wax-off" about exoticars available only in Great Britain or somewhere in Europe, this is a driver's view of cars infesting the roads of North America. So, put on your duster and driving gloves, Daisy Bell wants to go touring on 1925 roads.;)

RCR #1: Toyota Echo

Goodbye, Toyota Echo

On second thought, here's Jay Leno driving a 1927 Model T

Edited by Otokichi
Hunter S. Thompson lives...and boy does he REEK!

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