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The Tomato Vendetta


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What does a song about a "Tomato Trasher" have to do with Simon Whistler, of YouTube's "Today I Found Out"? Simon was wondering aloud if subpar stage performers were pelted with rotten tomatoes as seen in movies or TV shows. As he went from active audience participation/interference from Shakespeare's day to Vaudeville, where "boisterous American audiences pelted performers with everything from peanuts to eggs to the occasional rotten tomato." This got me thinking about Jim Croce's "road musician" venues where a "chicken wire" curtain between the beer-bottle-wielding and musicians on stage kept the music flowing. That line of thought brought me to this song for "haters of the tomato horde.";)

Here's Simon Whistler!

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Tha last one in is a rotten egg!
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