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"Nine Days of One Year" (Part Two)

Return with us to the 1950's, when Nuclear power promised "clean and unlimited power," and the risks taken to harness/unleash this energy were enthusiastically taken up by elite scientists.

Lyolya, a female physicist has two men to choose from, Ilya, a genius who specializes in the theoretical, and Mitya, a hands-on scientist in the tradition of Marie Curie. Mitya has already been exposed to dangerous levels of radiation, such that any more will end his life. Ilya, whom she is sorta engaged to, is expecting her answer when they visit Mitya at his institute, where they've succeeded in creating Plasma, which is needed for a thermonuclear reaction that will lead to nuclear fusion and unlimited power. Whom will Lyolya choose? The thinker or the "dragon's tail catcher"?

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Stable fusion power has always been "twenty years in the future"
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